precious_blood_school_homeworkThe Purpose of Homework
Homework is given to reinforce the lessons taught during the day.  Homework needs to be done neatly according to the direction of the teacher and handed in on time.  Homework is never intended to be “busy work.”  Since homework is so vital, the environment at home should be well lighted, quiet, and be a place where the student can work alone.

Weekends and Holidays
Teachers reserve the right to assign homework on weekends.  Homework is not given over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter holidays.

Missed assignments
Any homework assignment missed by a student must be made up the following day and the child will receive a homework slip from the teacher.

Reading and work environment 
In addition, it is expected that students will read at least 15 minutes per day in the primary grades, 30 minutes a day in upper grades.  This time frame assumes that homework is done without interruptions in an area set aside for that purpose.  We encourage parents to help with homework and projects where appropriate.

On average, homework time should take:
– Grades K-2: 1 hour per day
– Grades 3-5: 1.5 hour per day
– Grades 6-8: 2-3 hours per day